How it works

Here in Copptech, we work every day to provide a more effective and efficient antimicrobial solution answering our client’s unique necessities.Our Copptech Technology is introduced in the production process, making it an inherent technology that is part of the product and has a long lasting effect.Making a product antimicrobial means that the product becomes a hostile environment for microorganisms. In that way, it prevents the reproduction and eliminates potentially harmful microbes.Our Copptech technology interacts with microbes in two main ways:
  1. It breaks the microbe’s external membrane
  2. It interrupts the microbe’s metabolism, causing it to lose nutrients and water.
By these two processes, Copptech provides unique health and protection benefits. We are constantly working in new ways to deliver protection and well-being.If you want to know more about Copptech Technology, follow this link: