Who are we

At Copptech we have researched, experimented and learned from all areas, from our partners and customers. This is why we have an in-house laboratory and a research and innovation (R&D) department. We have spent years developing our technology, incorporating it into the most diverse materials, in mass use products and products that help in problems that the industry still can not have a solution. Solutions that are within everyone’s reach, taking care of your product, supporting and helping your customers. Biotechnological solutions that open the future to intelligent products, without contamination, taking care of water, the environment, animals and humans. We address the problem of recycling and water care, we are pioneers in the industry, we have four EPA registrations and multiple certifications and research of our effectiveness in providing solutions. Join this great international family, through our vision and mission we can change the world. We are the pionner ingredient brand in the world of biotechnology.