Proven, Cost-Effective Clean

Facilities and maintenance managers require proven, safe, and cost-effective cleaning solutions that protect the surrounding environment from bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms throughout

That’s why Copptech™ offers revolutionary antimicrobial technology that uses EPA-registered, active ingredients provided by Novālent®. Copptech™ cleaning technology delivers long-lasting protection and inhibits the growth of microorganisms when sprayed or wiped onto surfaces.

Approved for use as an antimicrobial under EPA and FDA regulations to preserve food contact surfaces

Up to 99.9% Antimicrobial Effectiveness on Soft and Hard Surfaces; e.g. Fabrics, Porous, Non-Porous, etc.

The importance of cleanliness

Failure to keep up with the bacteria, mold and
other microbes that cause problems can have a
high price. In 2022, Food Safety magazine estimated that the cost to of recalls to food processers alone could be as much as $10 Billion annually

Copptech Clean with Novālent® Technology

  • Environmentally Sustainable, Odorless, and Colorless

  • Up to 90 Days of Protection Even with Regular Cleaning and Daily Use

  • Reduces Overall Cleaning Costs and Resources Over Time

How it Works!

Novālent® is sprayed onto any dry, clean surface

As it dries, Novālent® forms a long-lasting protective layer that bonds to any surface

This protective layer is covered with positively charged molecules that attract bacteria and other organisms

These positively charged molecules then penetrate the surface of the cell, mechanically inhibiting the growth of microorganisms

Features & Tecnical Specifications


Minimum add-on cost for maximum product value.


Alcohol-free, Odorless and Colorless

Effective up
to 90 days

Durably bonded antimicrobial guards against Bacteria, Fungi and Algae that linger on surfaces


EPA and FDA approved for food contact safety

Confidently clean

Copptech™ is the distributor of Novālent® cleaning products that keep offices, schools, medical facilities, manufacturing plants and cleaner, for longer periods.