Chile is classified as one of the best countries to invest in Latin America.

Hand in hand with the Chilean firm Copptech, the English executive and investor will participate in Unicorn Kingdom, an initiative that will take place in Chile next week and aims to encourage new national startups to venture into the European market.

“Unicorn Kingdom” is a global campaign by the British government aimed at encouraging international technology companies and venture capital funds to do business in the United Kingdom. On November 14, it will land in Chile. Here, local startups will be able to present their projects to a group of British investors, as well as Chilean investors and national companies already established in that European country. One of the participants in the event is Hugh Minnock, investment director of the British fund Foresight Group, who has been able to get to know the Chilean ecosystem after being part of Copptech’s Series B, where they raised US$ 5.5 million in 2021 (see box). Prior to his participation in “Unicorn Kingdom,” Minnock spoke with “El Mercurio” about the potential he sees in the country and the perception of our ecosystem abroad.

– How has your experience been investing in a Chilean company? “Each company we invest in has unique properties and potential. I cannot speak for all Chilean companies, but Copptech certainly has a value proposition that we found attractive, along with their professionalism. It takes commitment along with a community of co-investors who have helped us understand the opportunities available to Copptech both in the United Kingdom and Chile. That said, as with all startups, there are risks, but at Foresight, we offer more than just investment; we partner with our portfolio to share operational knowledge, guidance, and connections, helping the companies we support achieve their business ambitions.

– Do you think Chile is an attractive market for the United Kingdom? “The event ‘Unicorn Kingdom’ and ‘GREAT’ focus on encouraging promising entrepreneurs and innovators to consider the United Kingdom as a place to grow and succeed. The commitment of the United Kingdom government to Chile demonstrates their belief that it is a market that fosters a significant growth spirit both in Latin America and the United Kingdom.”


Copptech, a Chilean firm that offers antibacterial and antiviral technology based on copper, currently has a presence in Latin America, the United States, Asia, and recently opened a new office in London and an R&D center in Manchester. In their global perspective, this “allows them to be at the forefront of challenges in all markets and geographies,” says co-founder Bárbara Silberger, who will also participate in “Unicorn Kingdom.” For Silberger, the contribution of investors is key to the company’s growth, but she adds that having the presence of a fund like Foresight also allows them to open new and more doors. “It is especially useful to have a fund with global experience and a firm presence in the United Kingdom, as it can support our efforts as we move beyond Chile and Latin America towards the United States and Europe.” Copptech, founded in Chile in 2014, initially focused on researching and developing its products until 2016 when they had their first connection with the United Kingdom. On that occasion, they conducted clinical trials for the National Health Service (NHS), which revealed that through the developed technology, it could reduce the days by 38%.