Choosing High Quality Building Materials

Termites, the home wreckers. In the United States they are one of the biggest and most constant worries for everyone in their homes, completely ruining a house, from its foundations, structures and roofs. Users all over the world are having trouble finding long lasting solutions to these problems, but they are not looking for permanent solutions. Sergio, that lives with his wife and two sons in Atlanta, USA, comments “I’ve tried everything, I started by going natural, because I love nature, it didn’t work, then I tried some varnishes, but it didn’t work either, I went to the extreme of fumigating the whole house, it was very expensive and they used very toxic chemicals, two orange trees that I had next to the entrance of my house died and those bugs came back, they are still there, I can smell them, like smell of mold, i swear. I don’t know what else to do, I don’t want to lose my house”. The struggle is real, there are people who lose their entire house. Many people suffer day by day because this problem, fumigation is toxic and not very effective, it lasts for a limited period of time, a couple of months at most. It is so important to choose the right building materials, with durability and considering the environmental factors that will affect them, according to the region/climate where you live when building or remodeling your home. The permanent solution for eliminating termites at the root already exists. Thanks to COPPTECH and LP CHILE, you can build or remodel with the new generation of OSB panels. Protected with Copptech antimicrobial technology, unique and globally patented, these boards are guaranteed for 30 years due to their structural capacity and resistance to termites, fungi and mold, eliminating them permanently by more than 99.9%. A permanent solution that attacks these pathogens for the entire life of the material. Check our website to see the different solutions we provide to thousands of industries and look for our Copptech seal to get high quality and long lasting building materials, that protect them from the threats that are microbes.