Innovative Antimicrobial Coatings for Sanitary Surfaces

The average human hand is covered with 150 kinds of bacteria.

Four out of five illness-causing germs are spread by hands that touch everything from door handles and countertops to shopping carts, walls, and lockers.

In schools, theaters, offices, and even hospitals and ambulances, microbes are all around us.

Depending on the surface, they can linger anywhere from hours to weeks.

The Protection Challenge

Whether in private residences or public spaces, keeping surfaces clean is a demanding chore complicated by human error and countless variables. Consider these statistics and how their effects could be mitigated through antimicrobial surface coatings.

  • In a study of classrooms, microorganism resistance to common cleaners containing disinfectants and bleach was as high as 50%

  • A prevalence of pathogenic bacteria in ambulances suggests standard disinfection protocols may be ineffective

  • In the US alone, employee absence due to sickness costs billions of dollars in lost productivity, medical treatments, and hospitalizations

Copptech Antimicrobial Technology Proven, Natural Coatings that Protect Surfaces and Those Who Touch Them

Copptech’s™ innovative antimicrobial technology uses elements like copper and zinc to effectively combat harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that linger on surfaces at home and in public.

We work closely with our partners to provide antimicrobial coating technology that seamlessly integrates into existing manufacturing processes across a variety of products – from door handles and lockers to paints and other manufactured surfaces.

The result is product innovation that allows our partners to make products with long-lasting antimicrobial protection and that require less cleaning and care.

Learn how Copptech™ ingredients work, here.

How it Works

Why Copptech™?


Protection that won’t wash off with cleaning

Guards Against

Inhibits growth and eliminates a significant amount of bacteria and mold that linger on surfaces


Does not alter product appearance when applied


Natural ingredients that meet EPA and BPR standards

Copptech™ Confident

As one of the leading antimicrobial coating companies, Copptech’s™ ingredient additives are about more than technology. We work closely with industry partners to develop innovative solutions that promote sanitary surfaces and public health.

With Copptech™ coatings applied, everyday items have antimicrobial protection that stands the test of time.

  • Door Handles

  • Lockers

  • Ambulances & Cars

  • Paint, Varnish & Sealant

  • Railings & Elevators

  • Furniture