Innovative Ingredient Additives for Building Materials

Demand for new homes, schools, public buildings and more continues to grow. Experts estimate as many as 2 billion new homes will be required worldwide in the decades to come.

These will need construction materials like OSB, insulation, and foundation materials.

Many of these materials attract microorganisms like mold and some are a favorite food for termites and other invasive insects, making buildings unpleasant to live in and structurally unsound.

The fight to eliminate these microbes is worth billions of dollars annually.

The Need for Safe Durability

In construction, long lasting materials are a must, but durability alone isn’t enough. Consider the following:

  • Chemicals used to preserve wood include ingredients that may impact indoor air quality, like arsenic and formaldehyde.

  • According to The Global Environment Facility, structural damage to buildings from termites in urban areas totals about $15–20 billion worldwide.

Opportunities for Manufacturers

The increasing popularity of antimicrobials for construction has major implications for the industry:

  • 84% of American new home buyers would pay at least 5% more for antimicrobial technology.*

  • 77% of American new home builders believe antimicrobial technology improves durability.*

Innovative Antimicrobial Construction Materials

Copptech’s™ antimicrobial technology uses innovative ingredients like copper and zinc to effectively combat harmful mold, mildew, fungus and even termites before they can damage homes and other structures.

We work closely with construction partners to seamlessly integrate our technology into their existing manufacturing processes for materials ranging from OSB and MDF boards to insulation and roofing.

The long-lasting antimicrobial protection of these innovative construction products makes buildings more durable throughout their lifetime.

Learn how Copptech™ ingredients work, here.

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Why Copptech™?

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Copptech™ ingredients work seamlessly within existing processes

Controls Mold
Bacteria & Termites

Inhibits growth and significantly eliminates bacteria and fungi that cause harm


Embedded technology that creates durable building products


Innovative ingredients that meet EPA and BPR standards

Copptech™ Confident

With Copptech™ technology, our partners can engineer long-lasting, innovative antimicrobial transportation equipment and components for public and private vehicles and can protect travelers by road, rail, air and more.

  • OSB

  • MDF

  • Wood Decking

  • Cement

  • Insulation

  • Melamine