Context: The global propagation of COVID-19 has alerted every nation, creating a global sanitary emergency. Surfaces and high contact products have historically been the greatest source of contagium of infectious diseases produced by virus and bacteria. The Copptech Microparticle in an antimicrobial technology used to eliminate virus and bacteria, and given the actual context, it’s relevant to assess its behaoivour regarding COVID-19.

Method: The study was performed in the University of Southampton, leaded by Dr. Keevil. Isolated SARS-COV-2 virus strains, taken form COVID-19 positive patients were obtained from saliva and hands. These were used as contamination agents.

Results: The Copptech Microparticle, applied to different materials and products, eliminates COVID-19 upon initial contact, reaching 99% elimination in less than two hours. This is an irreversible and permanent elimination and viral inhibition.

Conclusion: The Copptech Microparticle eliminates COVID-19 quickly and permanently from products that incorporate this technology. This is even more relevant considering the high survival rate of the virus in different surfaces, reaching up to 28 days of survival in certain conditions. The Copptech Microparticle remains in the products indefinitely, eliminating COVID-19 in an irreversible and permanent way.

Key words: COVID-19, Copptech Microparticle, antimicrobial, permanent, 24/7, antiviral, protection.

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The COPPTECH MICROPARTICLE has been tested in the University of Southampton to assess its effectiveness in eliminating SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The studies were performed by Dr. Keevil and his team, were the Copptech Microparticle was able to perform an impressive 99% of elimination. The destruction of the pathogen starts upon initial contact and its effect is fast and permanent. These findings are making us reconsider the way we protect ourselves from viruses and other microbes.

COPPTECH is a multinational company that for more than 10 years has been leading the innovation in the antimicrobial field, with the objective to find the best way to protect everybody from viruses, bacteria an fungi. These pathogens are present in our everyday lives and are the main cause of infectious diseases. Under Dr. Luis Améstica’s (CTO) and Francisco Silberberg’s (CEO) wing, Copptech has developed the Copptech Microparticle. This is a highly effective antimicrobial ingredient, capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms when it’s incorporated to different materials.

The COPPTECH MICROPARTICLE is globally patented and it’s registered in the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). This certification allows the commercialization and usage of the Copptech Microparticle worldwide through its different applications: textiles, coatings, polymers, plastics, among others.

COPPTECH, that was been operating for more than four years in the United States, has closed important agreements with global companies. Some of those companies are Louisiana Pacific, global leader of OSB panels; CuatroGasa, important European cleaning company; Fitesa, one of the main providers of non-woven materials such as diapers and pads; y Kaelis, worldwide aeronautic product supplier. Additionally, Copptech has ongoing antiviral surfaces projects in Chile, Spain and Colombia.

During December of 2019, in Wuhan, the first news regarding a novel viral outbreak were released. COPPTECH was ready, since the possibility of a pandemic was hugely announced by scientists and the World Health Organization. In their more than 10 years of studying antimicrobial effectiveness, they were convinced that the COPPTECH MICROPARTICLE was able to eliminate COVID-19. So they started to work.

The validation of the COPPTECH MICROPARTICLE’s power to eliminate COVID-19 was to be made with the best team. After much research between laboratories that had the experience and clearance to test a pandemic level virus, they reached Dr. Keevil. The renowned work of Dr. Keevil in the antimicrobial field and the high tech installations of the University of Southampton in the UK, made him the best alternative to support COPPTECH in this objective.

This project included a strict testing protocol, that was extended for several months. Virus strains were isolated and used as contamination agents in the study of the effectiveness of the COPPTECH MICROPARTICLE. Today, we have the results: THE COPPTECH MICROPARTICLE WAS ABLE TO ELIMINATE COVID-19 QUICKLY AND PERMANENTLY IN A 99%.

This study demonstrates that the virus starts to decay the instant it reaches contact with the MICROPARTICLE, reaching a 99% of elimination in less than two hours. This puts COPPTECH, once again, in the map for leading antimicrobial innovations worldwide, demonstrating quantitatively and irrefutably the capacity of the COPPTECH MICROPARTICLE’s antiviral capacity against COVID-19.

“Our most recent findings regarding COVID-19 are incredible news for COPPTECH and for our clients worldwide. The COPPTECH MICROPARTICLE’s successful performance confirms what we already suspected: it is a broad spectrum antimicrobial solution” comments Francisco Silberberg, CEO and founder of Copptech. “These results reflects that innovation regarding antimicrobial protection has a lot to offer in the fight against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases” he adds.

COPPTECH will continue its work to provide antimicrobial solutions to different industries. “Our main focus through the years has been to provide effective and safe antimicrobial solutions to have a positive impact in people’s lives and wellbeing” declares Dr. Améstica. “This pandemic has stated the importance of feeling safe and protected from infectious diseases in our everyday lives, and we are convinced that the COPPTECH MICROPARTICLE is an effective way to do so” he finishes.

DISCLAIMER: Healthcare claims on biocidal treated articles are not allowed in the USA. Antiviral claims are allowed in Latin America and most European territories. For more information regarding allowable claims and commercialization, contact us. This press release follows the regulatory context of the Latin America and most European territories.