“The antimicrobial technology that aims to protect the world from microbes”

On November 22nd, in the Work Café Santander program on Radio Infinita, there was a revealing interview between Bárbara Silberberg, co-founder of Copptech, and presenter Soledad Onetto. Throughout this dialogue, key aspects of the company and its innovative technology were explored.

The conversation began with Copptech’s history, from its origins focused on copper formulations to its expansion to other ingredients, demonstrating its continuous evolution and adaptability. This evolution aligns with its venture into the United Kingdom, supported by a strategic partnership with the British government to establish its headquarters there.

During the conversation, Silberberg emphasized Copptech’s commitment to providing protection and well-being to everyone. She remarked: “This is a technology with a powerful benefit that can change the world.” This statement reflected the company’s ambition and conviction in the global impact of its technology.

The essence of Copptech is highlighted by innovation, science, creativity, and flexibility, characteristics ingrained in the DNA of its people, challenging conventional thinking every day. This approach is reflected in the variety of applications and formulations of Copptech across various industries, such as textiles, industrial, plastics, and more. This diversity is made possible through Copptech’s relationships with partners, prioritizing collaboration in the constant pursuit of innovation.

The interview at the Work Café Santander on Radio Infinita not only highlighted Copptech’s cutting-edge technology but also provided a comprehensive view of its history, principles, strategic objectives, and commitment to a positive impact on people. This interview introduced a company committed to innovation and improving the world through its technology.

About Copptech™ Antimicrobial Technology: Copptech™ Antimicrobial Technology is a rapidly growing biotechnology company recognized by Diario Financiero as one of Chile’s 10 most valuable intellectual property brands. Its patented technology uses copper, zinc, and other natural elements to inhibit growth and eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and mold, reducing odors, helping food stay fresh longer, and increasing the lifespan of a wide range of materials. Copptech™ Antimicrobial Technology is present in products from Kimba, LP Chile, Arauco, as well as in products from its innovative US-based partner, Purra Performance.

Founded in Santiago, Chile, the company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, serving clients in Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

You can watch the full interview here