AMEE Names Copptech™ Antimicrobial Technology Most Innovative Packaging Solution 2023

The Food Tech Annual Summit & Expo, 2023

Mexico City, MX: Copptech Antimicrobial Technology™ a dynamic and rapidly expanding ingredient brand company founded in Santiago, and one of the top 10 most valuable intellectual property brands in Chile, according to Diario Financiero, has been recognized by the Association of Containers and Packaging (AMEE) for Empaque Innovador (Packaging Innovation) 2023 at its Annual Food Tech Summit & Expo. 

For the past 15 years, AMEE has recognized Food and Beverage Technology leaders in Latin America for their contributions to developing innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Its internationally recognized excellence awards program is endorsed by the IFT and the Mexican (AMEE). 

 “Using our ingredients to make real impacts on daily lives is at the heart of our company” remarked Barbara Silberberg, Co-founder of Copptech. “To have our scientific and ingredient expertise recognized for its ability to help packaging partners tackle problems like shelf life for fresh foods is a very gratifying endorsement of our work.” she added. 

 Copptech created the award-winning meat pads in collaboration with its innovation partner Yumanpack.  High absorption and liquid retention pads are designed to help maintain food quality by capturing excess liquid that occurs naturally when products are packaged. They also retain fluids longer which could create an environment that fosters microbes that cause odors. The game changer in these meat pads is the addition of Copptech™ antimicrobial technology which effectively combats harmful microbes that cause unpleasant odors and reduce shelf life of fresh meats. That means that meats smell fresher and look more appealing even longer thus extending shelf life at point of sale. 

Making a relatively small enhancement to a packaging solution can have a significant impact for retailers, consumers and our planet. A Thomson Reuters study found that companies save an average of $142 for every dollar they spend to reduce food waste, while consumers benefit from knowing that foods they purchase will stay fresher, longer.

For our planet, the opportunity to reduce food waste has close ties to climate change as the United Nations estimates that 20% of methane gas in our atmosphere is produced from food waste in landfills. “Being part of such an important innovation process is really exciting,” says Copptech Vice President Sales, Mexico, Carlos Hortuvia. “These antimicrobial pads offer a game-changing approach to meat packaging. They enhance freshness and quality, promote sustainability, and add value across the board from farm to fork. “ Silberberg noted that this award reflects the firm’s significant advances in its collaborations in the food packaging industry across Latin America and that it looks forward to extending these benefits globally in the future. 

About Copptech™ Antimicrobial Technology
Copptech™ Antimicrobial Technology is a fast-growing biotech company that has been recognized by Diario Financiero as one of the 10 most valuable intellectual property brands in Chile. Its proprietary technology employs copper, zinc and other natural elements to inhibit growth and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and mildew to reduce odors, help foods stay fresher, longer and increase lifetime durability across a wide cross-section of industrial and construction materials. Copptech™ Antimcrobial Technology can be found in products from Kimba, LP Chile, Arauco, as well as in products from US-base innovation partner Purra Performance. Founded in Santiago, CL the firm is headquartered in London, UK, and serves customer across Latin America the United States and Europe. 

About About Yumanpack
YUMANPACK SA DE CV.- is a 100% Mexican company with subsidiaries in Colombia and Ecuador, dedicated to the commercialization of packaging for the protein food industry: heat-shrinkable bags, flex-flex thermoformed, and semi-rigid, absorbent pads and PET trays activated with Copptech antimicrobial incorporated, packaging consultant to better food preservation. Our commitment: improve the profitability of our clients, help humanity consume healthier proteins, and our products be cleaner. Nereo Castellanos G. General Director Terra Park Centenario Industrial Park Bodega 52 D. Paseo Centenario del Ejercito Mexicano Km 1+037, el Marques Querétaro CP 76269 Email: Cell. +52 442 4717764.