Ingredients of Innovation for Footwear

Footwear microclimate contributions to the bacterial growth on the foot plantar skin.

We walk or run as much as 100,000 miles in our lifetime – that’s a lot of walking! And, if you are in retail or construction, you spend almost all day on your feet.

It’s no wonder that the right pair of shoes is a top priority or that we hate it when our favorite shoes let us down by being stinky and unpleasant when we take them off.

Your shoes have their own ‘microclimate’ where humidity and warmth can be the breeding ground for bacteria, mold and fungi that can cause embarrassing odor or, even worse, lead to fungal infections or other problems.

The Cost of Comfort

The demand for odor free footwear comes at a cost to our wallets and to the environment

  • According to Market Data Forecast, consumers will spend more than $154 million on shoe deodorizers by the year 2028

  • More than 300 million pairs of shoes are discarded annually, that’s a lot of landfill!

  • According to The Guardian, some insoles can last 1,000 years in a landfill

The Footwear Industry’s Opportunity

Antimicrobial technology can help innovative footwear brands build customer loyalty and distinguish themselves in the market with shoes and insoles that:

  • Attack bacteria and fungus before they can grow

  • Stay fresh and odor free longer

Proven, Natural Solutions For Footwear

Copptech’s™ antimicrobial technology doesn’t just cover up odors. It uses natural ingredients such as copper and zinc to effectively combat harmful microbes before they can make shoes smelly and unpleasant.

Our partners are the experts on comfort and wearability. We work closely with them to customize our EPA-registered technology and seamlessly integrate it into their existing manufacturing processes across a wide variety of materials including foam, fabric, plastics and more.

The result is long-lasting, reliable antimicrobial protection embedded into very insole’s DNA. That’s innovation that won’t wash away or disappear with use.

Learn how Copptech™ ingredients work, here.

Learn How

Why Copptech™?

Made Easy

Copptech™ ingredients work seamlessly within existing processes


Inhibits growth and significantly eliminates odor-causing bacteria and fungi


Embedded technology that works for the lifetime of the shoe


Minimal add on cost for maximum product performance

Copptech™ Confident

At Copptech™, our technology is more than just an ingredient.

At Copptech™ we work closely with our partners to develop footwear solutions that take their innovation to the next level. With Copptech™ technology inside, our partners can develop footwear that gives consumer’s long-lasting and comfort and confidence.

  • Insoles

  • Inner Lining

  • Athletic Footwear

  • Urban Footwear

  • Work Boots

  • Clogs & Sandals