Hidden Threats – Termites, the home wreckers

A silent threat in your home, advancing unnoticed. They are so voracious, that they can bring down an entire house, eating its wooden and cellulose structure or foundations.
There are two types of termites:
1) The first type are dark, winged termites. You can see them more often during spring. During summer, you can also see the ones that feed on dry wood, and during autumn, the flying ones are the most prevalent.
2) The second type are white termites. They don’t usually come out, staying inside wooden elements. When they do come out is to regulate humidity and temperature, they usually protect themselves with a type of clay that they secrete.

Termites usually stay inside the wood, but when they do get in contact with humans, they defend themselves. Their bite is not toxic, but it can itch, swell, burn and hurt, especially if you have a predisposition to allergic reactions.
Termite saliva and droppings that come in contact with the skin can cause contact dermatitis and other allergic reactions.
Termites like damp environments, where mold tends to grow, and when termites crawl or chew on wood, they spread mold in their wake. It’s a cycle of pathogen propagation.
Treating a termite infestation yourself, is asking for trouble. Termite pesticides can be harmful to humans on unknowledgeable hands. Always get an expert opinion on how to get rid of termites, and prefer elements that can’t be damaged by them when building your home.