How Copptech Technology works

Through patented research, we have demonstrated that by combining different components, balanced in a specific way, a synergetic effect is generated in its antimicrobial action. That is to say, its action is more powerful, because “the whole more than the sum of its parts”. And that was when the Copptech Microparticle was born, a powerful antimicrobial ingredient that eliminates fungi, viruses and bacteria by more than 99.9%.

Through this innovation, we managed to eliminate microbes from contact surfaces, creating a protective barrier between the source of infection and people.

How does it work?

Copptech Technology acts mainly in two ways:

1.- Membrane Rupture.

The outer wall of all microbes is a membrane. On contact with the Copptech Microparticle, a series of electrical and oxidative processes take place, which generates membrane weakening and subsequent perforation.

2.- Weakening of metabolism.

This cell membrane rupture allows the Copptech Microparticle to bind to the microbe’s enzymes, thus affecting their vital processes such as metabolism, respiration and digestion.

This is why Copptech and its antimicrobial action make safe materials and surfaces possible, because by adding Copptech, they eliminate microbes that cause diseases and infection. Copptech technology has already been able to be incorporated into a multiplicity of materials, from textiles, plastics, varnishes and other building materials. Copptech’s path has been one of innovation and science, starting by developing a safe and highly effective technology in microbial elimination, which can be added in a cost-effective way to various products available on the market. At Copptech we believe that we can make this world a safer place by making technology accesible to all, promoting people’s health and well-being.