How Copptech™ Antimicrobial Technology Protection Works

Copptech™ Makes Great Products Better

Antimicrobial Technology Transforms Products We Use Every Day

Copptech™ ingredient technology is available in an array of formulas and formats. Our antimicrobial solutions and other ingredients significantly eliminate bacteria, mold, mildew and in some products, even termites. That means that products engineered with Copptech inside are more durable, fight unpleasant odors caused by sweat, mold and mildew and in packaging, may even keep foods fresher, longer.

The flexibility of our antimicrobial ingredient technology allows partners to create better products without changing their existing manufacturing methods.

Copptech™ ingredient additives are:


Cost Effective

Long-lasting embedded technologies

Regulatory Compliance

An Up-Close Look at Microscopic Effects

Products and materials containing Copptech™ technology look like everyday goods, but within them, there is an unseen fight occurring to eliminate odors, attack bacteria and extend freshness.

Copptech™ ingredient additives work as a protective shield. Our antimicrobial technology creates a hostile environment where viruses, bacteria, fungi, mites, parasites, termites, and other microbes can’t survive.

It’s not magic, just science. Take a look at what makes our antimicrobial ingredients so unique and how simply they can be incorporated into your company’s existing manufacturing processes.

How our Technology Works

Our partner’s product is manufactured or coated with Copptech™ Antimicrobial Technology.

The protected product is exposed to bacteria, mold or other microbes

Copptech™ Antimicrobial Technology creates a hostile environment, that inhibits the growth of microbes

Products with Copptech™ Antimicrobial Technology are virtually free of microbes

Copptech™ Antimicrobial Protection Time lapse

At Copptech™, we thrive on designing new solutions to our innovation partners’ product challenges. Talk to our team to find out how our antimicrobial technology can enhance and improve products.