Ingredients of Innovation for Irrigation

As much as 70% of the world’s freshwater is used for irrigation purposes

Whether for home gardeners or large commercial greenhouses, drip irrigation is one of the most efficient ways to use precious water resources.

The combination of water and nutrients naturally found in soil also creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi (biofilm).

Biofilm can block irrigation drippers and tubes and ultimately impact plant growth.

The Fight Against Harmful Biofilm & Roots

  • According to Greenhouse Grower, biofilm can cost nursery and greenhouse growers millions of dollars per year in added labor costs, crop loss and chemical additives

  • Traditional methods of controlling biofilm are costly, time-consuming and may involve use of chemicals and other processes that decrease the lifespan of equipment

  • Roots seeking water can invade and block water lines, causing inconsistent water delivery and crop damage

The Antimicrobial Alternative

  • Copper is a natural, EPA approved ingredient with antimicrobial properties that fight build up of bacteria and fungi

  • When embedded into drippers, emitters and tubing, it fights microbes continuously reducing the need for cleaning and the use of other additives in the water

Proven, Natural Solutions For Irrigation

Copptech’s™ antimicrobial technology uses natural ingredients such as copper and zinc to effectively combat harmful bacteria and fungi before they can become
harmful biofilm.
We work closely with product partners across the irrigation industry to seamlessly integrate our technology into their existing manufacturing processes for various irrigation system components, including drippers and tubing.
The result is irrigation product innovation with long-lasting and reliable antimicrobial protection that makes irrigation systems more durable and water delivery more reliable throughout their lifetime.

Learn how Copptech™ ingredients work, here.

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Why Copptech™?

Made Easy

Copptech™ ingredients work seamlessly within existing processes

Controls Mold,
Bacteria & Biofilm

Inhibits the growth and significantly eliminates bacteria and fungi


Embedded technology that creates durable irrigation components


Natural ingredients that meet EPA and BPR standards

Copptech™ Confident

At Copptech™, our technology is more than just an ingredient. We work closely with our partners to develop solutions that take their innovation to the next level across the irrigation and agriculture industry

With Copptech™ technology inside, our partners can be part of the next generation of irrigation providers – helping to design better ways to grow the crops that nourish the world.

  • Drippers

  • Sprinkler

  • Tubing

  • Pipes

  • Valves

  • Risers