Fungi and Mold in my Home

Fungi are a constant concern for everyone, as they destroy materials and affect our health. Users from all over the world look for solutions to these problems, but don’t use permanent solutions. Carmen comments “in our room, during winter every year these fungi or mold appear, moisture on the ceilings and walls. I’m sick of this situation, because every year I have to clean with a cloth with hot water and bleach, then paint with antifungal paint, and it still reappears. I’m worried about how harmful this is for my health”. This type of concern is real and is held by a lot of people that struggle with mold and fungi in their homes. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right construction materials when building or remodeling your home. The permanent solution for fungi and mold already exists. Thanks to Copptech and LP CHILE, you can build or repair your home with the peace of mind and security offered by the new generation of OSB panels from LP Chile. Protected with Copptech technology, these panels have a 30-year guarantee in their structural capacity and termite and mold resistance. A permanent solution that attacks these pathogens from the root. With Copptech antimicrobial technology, unique and globally patented solutions, we eliminate more than 99.9% of mold, fungi, termites, bacteria and other pathogens. Check out the different solutions we have for other industries in our website.