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intra hospital infections

Intrahospital infections

Intra-hospital infections In 2010, about 35.1 million Americans spent at least one night in the hospital (1). The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

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Copptech team

Copptech Team

Copptech Team Take a look of what it feels like to be part of Copptech! A winning team ready for more! #Copptech #Makingthebestevenbetter  Linkedin

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The @Copptech Microparticle

The @Copptech Microparticle Here you can see examples of the different sizes of cells, particles, microparticles and nanoparticles. The @Copptech Microparticle is safe, following all...

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Are home fungicides toxic?

Are home fungicides toxic? Fungicides are a mixture of chemicals with the main purpose to kill fungi and mold found on surfaces. As they contain...

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