Copptech™ Privacy Policy

Copptech™, UK is the data controller, responsible for protecting name and e-mail that you submit to us when you register for subscription to our newsletters or place other inquiries on our website. 

Privacy matters are important and your integrity is our priority. We make every effort possible to protect your personal data and ensure that our processing of the data is conducted in a correct and lawful manner. 

Please note that this privacy policy relates to processing of personal data for which Copptech is the controller. This means that we are responsible for the processing of your personal data. Please contact us directly with questions or remarks, or if you wish to enforce any of your rights in relation to our processing of your personal data. 


How we collect and use Personal data 

We want to make sure that you also actively choose to receive direct marketing if any. So if you would like to receive updates on products and services, news, inspiration, events and offers, you can use our online web form to subscribe to ask for more information.  


Our Contact Us Form 

We request only limited data rquired to respond to your queries and to provide the best service possible. We consider you a representative of the company you work for, and will therefore address you as such. Based on the information you’ve requested, we may also ask where you are geographically, to make sure we assign the right contact to you and your company. Depending on the request, we will store the information in our secure CRM while the request is still considered active due to an ongoing conversation. 


Partners and Clients 

Copptech processes data about your company and contact persons as representatives of your company within our CRM, and contact you according to our partner agreements and collaboration. Since we collaborate in different ways (distribution of material, marketing, PR, finance), we may request contact persons from different departments within your company. Due to accounting rules, we need to save some client data even after a terminated agreement. Restriction of access to these contacts are applied to these contacts, and they are only used to fulfill our agreement. We respect the integrity of our clients employees, and do not transfer the contact-information for other purposes. If you need information, please send an e-mail to your assigned contact within Copptech. 

If you do not know who to contact, please send us an e-mail to 


Tracking and Cookies 

We measure traffic and activities on our website. We may also use cookies for advertising purposes and improving the performance and experience of our website. We have also cookies implemented as tools for making sure the site functions properly. Therefore we have implemented the below tools. 

(a) Implemented cookies. 

(b) Google analytics 

(c) Google tag manager implemented. 

You can be sure that we never process the IP-address that we have implemented to ind out more about you, share it with a third party other than through operating the tools provided 


Technical implementation and data portability 

We may use a few but for us important suppliers of digital tools to be able to process data, work with direct marketing, implementing advertising and social media. We consider our data processors reliable partners, and require that they all comply with GDPR. We do not transfer or sell your data to a third party, and we only process the information given to us to the services you have signed up for. 

If any incidents affecting your data occur, we will make sure to notify you within 72 hours. You can at any time request to see what information we store about you, and ask for the data to be transferred to another service. We do not process anything considered sensitive data, or work with proiling in any way. 


More information about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

The authority controlling (GDPR) in the UK is the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). If you have a complaint or want to read more about GDPR in the UK, please find their contact information on their website.  



If you have further complaints or queries, please contact us at