Innovative Ingredients: Antimicrobial PVC

From the floors we walk on to the toys our pets love, PVC is all around us.

These products are durable but aren’t immune to damage caused by common microbes.

Take, for instance, the permanent pink stain caused by bacteria that feed on plasticizers.

In PVC or the fact that a pet’s favorite toy is teaming with bacteria, fungus, mildew, and mold.

The Cost of Durability

Traditional methods of applying antimicrobial treatments to PVC are inherently dangerous and costly.

  • The most common ingredient used to fight microbes found in plastic is OBPA arsenic – a toxic substance banned in Europe

  • Typical OBPA alternatives add significant cost

An Opportunity for Manufacturers

Copptech™ technology uses EPA- and BPR-approved antimicrobial additives for PVC to attack bacteria and fungus before they can grow, improving product durability and lifespan. These ingredients can be incorporated into production at a similar add-on cost to OBPA.

Proven, Innovative Solutions for Antimicrobial PVC

Copptech’s™ proprietary antimicrobial technology uses elements like copper and zinc to combat microbes before they can damage products made with PVC.

We work closely with our partners to seamlessly integrate our technology into existing manufacturing processes for PVC products ranging from flooring to roofing and more. The result is cost-effective innovation with embedded lifetime antimicrobial protection.

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Why Copptech™?

Made Easy

Copptech™ ingredients work seamlessly within existing processes

Unsightly Pink Stains

Inhibits growth and significantly eliminates bacteria and fungi that cause unsightly stains and other damage


Embedded technology that creates durable building products


Superior protection that is more affordable than alternatives

Copptech™ Confident

With Copptech™ technology, our antimicrobial additives for PVC are about more than technology. We work closely with industry partners to develop innovative solutions that improve the performance and lifespan of their products

  • Flooring

  • Decking

  • Pipes

  • Tarpaulins

  • Pool Liners

  • Roofing Membranes

  • Auto Seating