Remodeling​ Costs Due to Toxic Mold

view through a magnifying glass. white wall with black mold. dangerous fungus that needs to be destroyed. It spoils look of house and is very harmful parasite for human health.

The costs of removing mold from your home are high, depending on how bad the situation is. Homeowners with this problem are often asked how urgent and serious the situation is because of the health repercussions that mold exposure can cause. Questions such as: Where is it? How long has it been there?

The percentage of houses with mold issues is around 70%, according to a study in Finland.

The data revealed that, worldwide, the majority of homes have mold spores. According to statistics from the Finnish Parliamentary Audit Committee, mold is present in up to 9% of semi-detached houses, 18% of kindergartens and schools, and 26% of hospitals, clinics and nursing homes (2012). There are thousands of factors that affect the cost of removing mold from your home, broadly speaking they are: the size of the molded surface, where the mold is located, why mold was caused (e.g. damp from burst pipes), what damage caused and where they need to be repaired. Here are approximate details of restoration costs per square metre and location. On average mold remediation of your entire house would be around $11,600 to $30,000 Usd. The average mold inspection ranges from $888 USD to $1,341 USD, including the inspection of your entire home, and the size of the affected area will affect the final cost.

The high cost to remediate your home is a lot, but it is nothing compared to the health costs of the mold problem. When building, choose your building materials wisely. If you already use a mobile phone with technology, why not invest technology in the foundations of your home? Antimicrobial biotechnology that eliminates fungi/mould, viruses, bacteria and more is now a reality. Check our building solutions in the following link:

*Moisture damage in buildings causes – Professor Kari Reijula – Rauno Holopainen – Finland – 2012