At Copptech, we firmly believe that the future is based on innovation and strategic collaborations alongside our partners. It is with great enthusiasm that we highlight our alliance with LP Chile, a bold step towards a more innovative tomorrow and connected with our community.

A Commitment to Innovation

Copptech has always been at the forefront of antimicrobial technology, working tirelessly to develop solutions that not only address current challenges but also anticipate future needs. Our mission is about generating a real and positive impact on the lives of people and the communities we serve.

LP Chile: A Bridge to the Community

The collaboration with LP Chile is essential in our mission to strengthen ties with our community. Recognized for their commitment to excellence and quality, LP Chile helps us expand our presence and understand more deeply the needs of our consumers. This alliance not only offers us the possibility to spread our technology and expertise but also to enrich ourselves with the lessons learned in the face of the challenges and opportunities that arise looking towards the future.

Greater Visibility and Approach

Our collaboration with LP Chile has been a catalyst for a notable increase in our visibility in the main media of Chile, significantly improving our market presence. This greater media recognition has solidified our competitive position, providing us with a deeper understanding of the needs of both our current clients and future partners. This extensive exposure has given us a unique opportunity to promote our commitment to innovation and demonstrate the added value of our solutions in people’s daily lives, especially through our advanced antimicrobial technology.

Collaborative Innovation

The collaboration with LP Chile enhances our strengths, merging knowledge and resources to foster innovation in the industry. This partnership allows us to work in a coordinated manner on the development of innovative applications for our antimicrobial technology, optimizing them to meet the demands of various sectors and specific requirements. This synergy not only speeds up the innovation process but also ensures that our solutions are more relevant and accessible to a wide range of users.

Looking to the Future

Looking forward, we are excited about the endless possibilities that this strategic alliance with LP Chile opens for us and our community. We are committed to continuing to work together to explore new frontiers, overcome challenges, and create a future full of significant innovations that benefit everyone.


The strategic alliance between Copptech and LP Chile is a testament to our commitment not only to innovation but also to our community. Together, we are laying the foundations for a future where technology and collaboration come together to create a better and more connected world. With greater visibility in the Chilean media, we are closer than ever to our customers and partners, leading the way towards a future full of innovation.