Innovative Antimicrobial Transportation Equipment & Components

The average human hand is covered in 150 different kinds of bacteria.

Four out of five germs that cause illness are spread by hands that touch every part of public transport and your family car, too.

Transportation companies work hard to keep passenger spaces clean, but it’s a big job. Studies consistently find high levels of bacteria and other microbes on public transit, shared bicycles & scooters, and even family cars.

Depending on the surface, microbes can linger anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

The Challenge: Public Transportation and Illness

Despite best efforts to disinfect them, transportation surfaces remain some of the least sanitary objects we encounter each day.

  • Studies have shown that commonly touched surfaces on public transportation had seven times more bacteria than a toothbrush holder and 12,000 times more bacteria than a public electric bike.

  • Two in five Americans use public transportation while they’re sick, and 60% of them don't sanitize surfaces after touching them.

The Transportation Industry’s Opportunity

While concern over transmission of illnesses continues to discourage some riders from using public transportation, the solution creates an important opportunity for the transportation industry. Consider the following:

  • Sources of disease transmission on public transportation, like grab rails, gear sticks, control centers and steering wheels are areas of continuous bacterial contamination.

  • In London, half of commuters would pay more to travel to work with assurances of hygienic and cleanly surfaces

Proven Solutions to Public Transportation Disease Transmission

Copptech’s™ antimicrobial technology uses innovative ingredients, like copper and zinc, to combat harmful bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that linger on public transportation surfaces and family cars.

We work closely with product partners to provide ingredients that seamlessly integrate into their existing manufacturing processes to create a wide variety of antimicrobial transportation equipment and components for public transportation and private vehicles.


The result is product innovation with long-lasting and reliable antimicrobial protection that complements existing cleaning schedules by working in between cleans.

Learn how Copptech™ ingredients work, here.

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Why Copptech™?


Protection that won’t wash off with cleaning

Guards Against

Inhibits growth and eliminates a significant amount of bacteria and mold that linger on surfaces


Does not alter product appearance when applied


Natural ingredients that meet EPA and BPR standards

Copptech™ Confident

At Copptech™, our ingredients are about more than technology. We work closely with partners to develop solutions that promote confidence and well-being across the transportation industry.

With Copptech™ technology, our partners can engineer long-lasting, innovative antimicrobial transportation equipment and components for public and private vehicles and can protect travelers by road, rail, air and more.

  • Bus Handrails

  • Trains

  • Cars

  • Airplanes

  • Bicycles

  • Scooters